Investment Opportunity

CSC is focused on partnering with best-in-class developers to acquire and build multifamily assets in major markets, creating affordability through density and enhance the quality of life of its residents.


Through the increasing density and investing in design with convenience, we aim to stabilize assets at an unlevered yield on cost 100-150 bps above traditional multifamily, which will generate a cap rate spread of 200-250 bps upon exit.


We aim to reduce the average unit size in each market, creating the lowest absolute rental price, while focusing a higher rent per square foot. Benefitting from outsized demand with the stability of multifamily income. Developing a consistent product of quality and design for renters.

Risk Mitigation

CSC’s philosophy in every development is to refine the physical designs and typologies of every residential unit with convertibility back to traditional multifamily in mind; this option preserves a base value of traditional multifamily and although it is a less dense and thus less profitable design scheme for cashflow, it mitigates for the scenario where renters desire larger units.

Our Markets

We focus on major markets and hard to penetrate with a multifamily platform and where renters are accustomed to dense living.

Higher Density

Larger density creates a more tenants per square foot at lower rents than comparable studios in the area.

Investment Vehicle

We have created funding lines for the largest multifamily developers and operators to offer equity investments to their projects and through that created a pipeline to deliver above-market risk adjusted returns by developing a portfolio of well-located income producing assets in top US urban markets. Benefits include geographic diversification with nationwide exposure and a potential portfolio premium at exit.

Leveraging Existing Relationships with Operators


Partnership with 5-7 Year Hold Period

Target Return

15.0% gross unlevered / 20.0% gross levered IRR / 25.0% net levered IRR utilizing leverage not to exceed 75% LTC

Target Yield

6.5% un-trended yield-on-cost / 7.5% trended yield-on-cost

Venture Size

USD $1,000 million

Investment Structure

The Investment Vehicle will partner with Real Estate Developers and contribute the required equity capital for a real estate development project offering density premiums over multi family yields.

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